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Call your local city and town committees, know whats going on in your town, state and country. Get involved. I do, because I want to be heard and will do everything including my chessy website. to be heard. Everything. "I must, therefore I am."

I will not refer to individuals other than politicians as "Republican" or "Democrat". The reason being is, one's political agenda can not be summed up byb the  two definitions found on this site's Home Page,. Instead one's political agenda are more decisive emotional passions, expressed on a ballot. Those choices are made by ones own persoality. Most Democrats I have talked with are so, because they "believe in democracy". aside from that they ALL support liberal policies. Good enough reason to CALL yourself a Dem, but doesn't really reflect positively on the party. Why? First, the liberal platform hasn't produced solid elements of education. Say what you want about Rush, O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Jay Severin... and the millions of regional radio programming. (18-54 male and female consume some form of radio, approx 3.5 hours per day.) Liberals listen to music. Music stations provide minimal political content. The best news of it all, Liberals NEVER get to polls, and if they do, they just reach for the Dem or Green, without knowing anything about the potential Conservative Republican candidate except, they are Republican...evil. ARE ALL Italians criminals that eat spaghetti in dirty sleevless undershirts? Are ALL Irish drunk, brawl starting hooligans? Do all southeastern Asians eat dogs and drive poorly? Do ALL black people think O.J. is innocent just vecause he's one of them? Are ALL jewish people frugal with their money and fully control the media and entertainment industry? Do ALL women have to fall over with their legs in the air EVERYTIME I pass by? I could go on and on... but according to most libs, Conservatives are racist, sexist, old men. Truth is those older generation Republicans don't give a shit what the hell you or your problem is! That's just it. No special treatment for anyone. As far as "affirmative action" goes, you would think it is an insult getting a special handout because you are not caucasian or have a vagina. Do I feel all warm and tingly yet about giving these handouts. Not if I am a struggling caucasian business owner and am not *SOWMBA certified. You're telling the world you need help 'cause ya just can't do it alone. Bullshit, its a handout you freak. I payin for your company, but I'm not a stock holder. Something wrong here? Yes. "Taxation without representation." How you like it, whitey? Somehow these laws are getting past even though libs don't care and usually don't even register. Politicians buy votes. Ever heard of that? It's when someone like Hillary Clinton can throw a dart at a map of the country, hit New York, establish residency for the first time in her life since college. And win the Senatorial seat against an incumbent. (candidate already holding that office) she pandered to liberals with special interest programs (handouts) like liberal welfare programs, treatment of illegal aliens, prison reform, and as a result to support it, must vote for every tax increase to hit the floor. At think as of Jan 2003, after two years of her first term she has voted for 91 tax increases. (some centered aroung pay raises.) Friggin nerve. but she got away with it. Many more will if the younger generations (x and y) realize the older conservatives (politically) are dying in droves. It's depressing because we all know someone of the war generation, but the truth is they are dying, and their grandchildren are busy playing "Grand Theft Auto" or the watching the latest VH1 special about Death Row convicts in a rock band. (that's true. soecifically two convicts both sentenced to die becuse of heinous rapre and murder charges.) Nice. The can doesn't look to bad kid does it? I can tell you from experience, it sucks but they woon't know until the first visit at the tender age of 16. But it will be fine because the parents are someone the can"lean on" for guidance.

The moral of the story - Get back to the basics, find something you really like, master it, and make a TON of dough! I promise I won't be one the voters vieing to give it away to starving Africa. If you like my thinking get involved. Tell people your pissed.

*SOWMBA certified - any business in Massachusetts that is at least 51% woman or minority owned, are subsidized with state tax payer money.


Woburn Republican City Committee





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