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My Monthly Commitments
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Here are some monthly updates you may find interesting and entertaining. Any ideas? Contact me. I like to hear them.

Happy New Year!

It's January 2003

January Birthdays (you may or may not know who some of these people are)
Jerome David "J.D." Salinger (1919);
Isaac Newton (1642)
Elvis Aron Presley (1935);
Stephen W. Hawking (1942)
Richard Milhous Nixon (1913);
Joan Baez (1941)
Ethan Allen (1737?);  
Jim Croce (1942);
Rod Stewart (1945)
John Winthrop (1588);
Anthony Joseph "A.J." Foyt (1935)
Benjamin Franklin (1706);
Daniel Webster (1782);
Edgar Allan Poe (1809);
Paul Cezanne (1839);
Bryan Ferrone (1964)
Donald McHugh (1939)

Country Capital of the month - Liberia = Monrovia

Bob Dylan Quote of the month - "Ain't just like the night, to play tricks when you're tryin' to be so quiet..."

"Clinton Scandal" of the month -

Book of the month - "Let Freedom Ring" - Sean Hannity

Movie of the month - Glen Garry Glen Ross

Dunce(s) of the month - ACLU (For repesenting NAMBLA)

Man of the month - George W Bush (taking a stand against Univ of Mich. and impatience with Saddam) 

Woman of the month - Joni Mitchell

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