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Probabilities and Statistics
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Statistics are important when seeking the truth. Credibility is sometime in the eye of the beholder. Libs would watch CNN (Clinton News Network) or NPR for all their news needs, but publications like these and The New York Times are known for being biased with specific liberal polital agenda. On the flip side, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the like are strictly right wing, and appeal to conservatives. I will say to be fair, even though I listen to and read all the above everyday, I do prefer most conservative right wing views, POLITICALLY speaking, because it seems much more grounded with reality and less concerned with trend. I personally, don't always live and act conservatively. Anyone who knows me, knows this to be true. I will try with my best ability to provide analysis and data from non-partisan pollsters and research firms. Feel free to challenge me on my guestbook. I will only understand a different point of view if it is shared.


Scariest statistic for Jan 2003

He suffered from paralysis by analysis.  -  Unknown