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Joe Pass' "Gen X" Conservative Translator
Who the hell am I ?
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Who the hell am I ?
Who the hell are you?

God help me.
Though shalt not have bad hair day.

This photo of myself represents the image of a desheveled America. Look closely, and you will see tired, seedy eyes hiding from the purity of the bright sun in the early morning backdrop, a lack of care toward the camera as if to say "Hey look at me, I look like shit and don't care what you think. I'm comfortable." I would say in final comparison, In certain circumstances we all stand naked and ugly. But the image and condition of our nation must be preserved by those looking to conserve.

My Biography is 100% in truth. To some, the behavior I describe can be characterised as abhorrent, offensive and plain stupid. Others may feel it is realistic and is what is really out there. At no time did I act look like the picture of me above. I choose that picture for metaphorical purposes only. I never really conformed to a world of baggy oversized, overpriced clothing, nor did I look homeless or in bad need of a bath or periodontist. I never stole or assaulted anyone for drugs. It was always social, individual and typically with people who frankly, would surprise you. But this is a reality. God willing it is all behind me. My life has improved a little in some areas, immensly in others. I am however, living proof that conservative behavior, can truly work, progression on the other hand guarantees.
Same goes for political decisions. If I was to be responsible for your tax money, your community, your state or your country, what road would you choose. I don't think it's appropriate for me to waste your money by giving to those who will simply keep me in office. I also don;t think it is right to utilize taxpayer contribution with ideas that may work. (i.e...universal healthcare, spanish immersion, taxpayer campaign contribution....etc.) This is why I feel it necessary to be so candid about my worst behavior. Only then can other learn from my mistakes. Enjoy.

My Biography

I was born in 1971. I grew up in a safe pre-dominately white Boston suburb. My father has been a lifetime Teamster and 42 year Army reservist. My mother a homemaker who joined the work force in 1978 full time and lauched my adventurous life as a latch key kid. I have 3 older siblings. (MUCH older, almost ancient) All sisters, Terri, Lisa and Lynne. Everyone in my family are my closest friends and confidants. My most trusted advisors. We are American Italians. Our lives were influences with the fantastic nuances of italian culture. Our extended family is immense and full if charisma. I attribute being much older and the only male sibling as a major contribution to my different character assets and flaws. My family and I are VERY different. Since my parents and sisters worked during my early development from childhood into my teens. My supervision was minimal. During these years, I involved myself with the wrong people and activites. If it was wrong to do, I did it. If it felt good, I did it, regardless of the consequences. As I continued this behavior, I failed at every critical commitment a typical youtrh must endure. (school, extracurricular activites... so on.)  I began drinking alcohol socially at the age of six. I say I began because it continued and was not an experimental excursion. I began smoking cigarettes and cutting school at 7. I began smoking pot regularly at 13. Needless to say when I hit high school, I was very prepared for mesculine, LSD, and anything else available. By college (my protesting days), I was completely out of control. My LSD intake was boundless. At one point after buying 2 sheets of LSD, (200 hits or tabs) I consumed approx. 120 doses in a three month period. Cocaine was my next big adventure. I still struggle with THIS addiction to this day. After snorting it for long enough, my nasal membrane had had it. Chronic blood flow was inevitable after my first line for the night and both nostrils had to be cotorized (the burning of vessels closed due to unstoppable hemorrage) on two separate occasions. So I began "freebasing". (mixture of cocaine and baking soda reduced down to purity and smoked) This was THE worst decision of them all. It has virtually ruined my life since, and only one person is to blame... me. I have jumped form various jobs in that time, unable to hold the numerous and considerably lucratative jobs. I have been;

  • Gourmet table side chef
  • Funeral service associate (yes I did everything)
  • Sold technology research
  • Sold network and IT services
  • Traffic Manager
  • numerous warehouse and shipping positions
  • Sold radio advertising
  • Sold chemicals and accesories for Animal facilites
  • Sold executive sedan and limosine services
  • Operated five star gourmet catering services

Are you seeing what has happened? This guy blew it so far. Don't do the same thing. If you have kids and you love them, kick their asses. YOU ARE THE BOSS, REMEMBER? You know what's best, screw friendship. I love my parents and wish I could send them to their favorite world destination, Hawaii... but I can't... I'm flat  broke. Do you have kids? Would you like a nice thank you gift for your work as a parent? Then don't reason with them, BONEHEAD! Tell them what to do, scare them, and if need be put their failing ass in the Armed Forces ASAP. I had become involved with illigitimate business practices and during that time did things that were reprehensible. I now have to rectify this with God, and people who I never knew and never knew me that I so wronged. So far, I have no savings and barely a checking. No investments, no assets, no equity. I did it to myself. If one MTV snot can learn something from this, then I am satisfied. What went wrong? I have always loved history... geograpghy... astronomy. So what happened. No one kicked my ass. I wasn't afraid of anything or anyone. Does this still not make sense? If you have children ask yourself a question. Does a quiet house compensate for stupid children because they are doing what they want? (ex... watching Barney, Teletubbies, Play Station 2, MTV, American Idol, doing who knows what outside or beyond your supervision) Start here ask you children simple questions about your heritage, your accurate national history, for pre teens and teens, names of people running goverment, various places around the world. Than assess how special little Billy or Megan really is. Here is something else... children are not special, or smart. Thy can't be without experiences and extended education. It up to you to make them that way and it does happen in two years (yeah I know but they are so smart...) or in five years or ten years... these are still ignorant little people. Give your kid an honest test on attention span, discipline, trivia and so on... I would love to hear the results. Feel free to challenge me. My biograghy has taken this track because this site is to help enlighten and I hope what happened in my life doesn't happen in yours. Currently, I am married to my wife Kim, a talented, compassionate Veterinary Technician. (see She has been by my turbulent side for the past 11 years. We have lived together since 1992 and have been married since 1997. Why she has stayed with me, I have no idea. She tells me it's love. I believe her.

My Mission
First, to editorialize all ridiculous ideals based on political principles. I will only report on this forum with facts for credible sources and statistics. For instance a liberal friend told me 90% of wealthy Americans had it "handed to them through inheritance." My research shows that;
  •  27% of Americans aged 30 and over with  $100,000 or more in personal assets and equity are benefactors of an inherited estate or assets. According to National Bureau of Econmics Statistics - 2000 census.

This is a perfect example of the liberal hatred toward "one who has more", and their desire to level the playing field for all. Beware, if you want to be financially successful, liberals do want enough of your earned money, to go to ones who haven't earned it. Oh yeah and by the way, those liberals have the power to do it, they are our mayors, congressmen, senators and presidents AND WE ELECT THEM! SO ASK YOURSELF ONE QUESTION, DO YOU WANT THE MONEY YOU EARN? DO YOU WANT TO PICK AND CHOOSE WHICH CHARITIES TO GIVE TO? THEN WAKE UP VOTE CONSERVATIVE AND LEAVE YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS ALONE! Don't screw us in the booth come November. Another thing about the wealthy class, If you've ever wondered where hospitals and the equipment and jobs within come from, the answer: Rich people. Same for museums, parks, conservation land, zoos, churches, education facilities, and many other amenities we all enjoy and need everyday. Am I rich, not by a long shot. I'm a guy whose family came here from a foreign nation with nothing including the English language... Built up businesses, got jobs, worked hard, learned the language, and yielded a family of thousands of American nationals dating back 125 years. I have some wealthy relatives, who busted their ass to get what they have, and if they hand it down, God Bless them. sure I've resented some rich characters with overpriced cars and clothes. but resentment is not justified because I can't afford Abercrombie and Fitch.

Second, to illustrate the difference between an "MTV" and "PBS" mind. Since its inception in 1981, MTV has had a profound impression on the youth psyche whether it be through fashion, political agenda, behavioral parameters and of course... music. This could be the single-most dangerous progression in society. Here's an example; MTV's "The Real World" the world first successful attempt at "reality television". so let me make sure I understand, college kids put up in a great big apartment with 9 other kids, free of charge, in different situations, all the while slipping into outrageous squabbles and tiffs. Each one interviewed alone by a huge TV crew asking their opinion about who's "dissed" who. WAS THIS YOUR LIFE? It wasn't mine. Meanwhile on the now, many channels provided by Discovery and other independent cable networks, verything to be learned about life can be learned from factual history. FACT OF LIFE - KIDS OF ALL AGES ARE IMPRESSIONABLE, THEY DO WHAT THEY THINK IS COOL.

Third, to help people realize that someting very drastic occured sometime during the 1960's that completely changed America forever. Some philosophies executed by the "Baby Boomer" generation.

  • "If it feels good, do it."
  • "Question authority." (taken to the extreme)
  • "Our children CAN be our friends"
  • "Your children can respect you with out fear."
  • "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." (sexual revolution)
  • "you can reason with a child" (age 1 - 18)

I have attended in access of 20 Grateful Dead concerts, smoked, snorted, drank, and ate just about every drug under the sun, and have come to realize that song lyrics and fashion are only what they are, not to be lived by. You like new alternative rock, fine so do I, but I be so stupid as to wonder why my face piercing are impeding my ability to find a GOOD paying job. Oh and by the way, you metal laden face makes 75% of the world want to either puke on you, or beat you more senseless than you already are. The "Baby boomer mentality has allowed their children to really think individualism has NO boundries. It is my strong belief the the "Baby Boomer" generation has the single most destructive internal force in United States history. We as a people have lost more integrity on an international scale in the last 40 years than ever before in our 227 year history as a nation. I am a "Generation X'er" The only reason why I have any preserved decency, is solely because I had a strong family unit, steeped in conservatism to fall back on after my many years of acting under my own youthful philosophy. By the way, if you have a kid, he/she is no more special than any other, seriously!

I hope this provides you with an understanding of my political positioning.

Sincerely and respectfully,
Your humble correspondent,
Joe Pass

"He not busy being born, is busy dying."  -  Bob Dylan