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International News and Media Links  - Great political editorial page - Reuters News Wire - United Press  - British News   (Iraq Daily) Has been down since 3-26-03 - Islamic Republic News Agency (Saudi, UAE, Persian Gulf)  - Russian Federation News Agency - Japanese News - World Wire  - ABC (American Broadcasting Company)  - American Conservative Magazine - CBS (Central Broadcast Service) - C-SPAN - Cable News Network (Clinton News Network) - Jersalem Daily Post (Israel News) - Los Angeles Times - (great patriotic site) - Jay Severin, Talk Show Brawler. No one is safe. Bio so impressive, you gotta just check it on the website. - New York Daily News - New York Post  - Dr. Michael Savage (Author, Radio Talk Show Host, Realist.) This is the one of the smartest guys I have ever heard.  - Bill O' Reilly (Journalist, Radio Talk Show Host) New York Times Best Selling Author (that drives them crazy) - Boston Herald - Howie Carr, Columnist, Radio Talk Show Host - The Washington Post  - Matt Drudge, hard core news site. - The Wall Street Journal  - World Net Daily  - NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) - The New York Times - News Week - Roll Call (Mort Kondrake) - Fox News Channel website - Time Magazine - The Washington Post - The Weekly Standard (Bill Kristol) - My favorite columnist - Ann Coulter - Bill Gertz - Arianna Huffington - Rush Limbaugh - J. Max Robins - Senior Editor TV Guide