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Conservatives are dying!! It's true!
According to the University of Michigan's NES Guide to public opinon and electoral behavior, the "war generation" are rapidly leaving us, along with their ideals, patriotic and national philosophies. This generation contains men and women who contributed directly to the war efforts; from the WASP's (Women Air Force Service Pilots) who built aircraft, weaponry and munitions by hand, to the 150,000 UNITED STATES service men (of which our country suffered 14,000 casualties) who liberated France from a megalomanical dictator. So... what happened? Where were the protesters in the "old world"? Why weren't there any? Is it because we are a "smarter" society? More civilized? These are all good questions, but I don't think there is any real way to find out what happened. I don't think the "new world" cares to know.
If history has taught us anything, it certainly shows that upbringing has dramatically changed since the turn of the 20th century. Relatively speaking family size must also be considered. Many of us know of families with 6 or more children. How often do you see this today? Not possible.. too expensive. I guess that tells us feeding, dressing, and housing children is more expensive. But, that's not all. Children of today require more. Think of it this way.... think of your childhood; and ask yourself these simple questions; How many toys did I have? How many pairs of shoes? How often did I get snack treats between meals? How much "free time" cost money? (i.e...sports, hobbies, video games) How often did I require something that costs money? (consider how many times you asked for something at checkout and got it.) So how does this relate to conservative ideals, protesting and patriotism? Bottom line - With each generation that passes, society expects more and more and more. Our 1st generationers just wanted the Real Estate. Thay would give their lives, time, blood, sweat and tears to defend it. Incredibly, this was NOT politically incorrect. Are children learning the same things about U.S. history that I did from 1976 to 1989? I had a 4th grade teacher at the Wildwood Elementary School that had us recite the preamble to the constitiution (check "the best links " for a copy of the U.S. Constitution) My goodness! The ACLU would eat her alive! I often wonder what cases the ACLU were taking in 1979. I have tried to interpret what I see as the new view of our Amendments, and in true conservative translator form I will now translate for you.

This column is currently being written and edited. It should be up in its entirety shortly.